Space Space Space

SPACE SPACE SPACE was a three-day gathering centering around alternative pedagogy, self-organizing, and exploring ways of disrupting the productions of knowledge within academic structures. The event brought together various Detroit-based/affiliated thinkers and creators leading workshops on a variety of issues and strategies including systems of education within the prison industrial complex, the effects of space on bodies and physiology, decolonization within design practices, and my contribution, community building through participatory dinners. The gathering was held within an autonomous inflatable plastic structure sited on but not within the architecture of the Cranbrook Academy of Art campus in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan.

I worked with Jack Forinash to present three dinners for forty conference participants over the course of the conference. This meal series operated as performance within the space of the convening. Meals were responsive, participatory, and cumulative in nature, sometimes functioning as non sequitir action to get folks into a different mind-space.

No. 1 — BUBBLE  
  • Okroshka, a fizzy chilled soup
  • Bubbly presentation of spinach and cheese tart, beet meatball, and roasted brown buttered and herbed vegetables
  • Jasmine milk tea pudding with boba and florentine

No. 2 — (W) ROY G BIV (B)
  • White – Mystery flavors popcorn
  • Red – Freshly baked bread with tomato and pepper
  • Orange – Carrot ginger and squash soup
  • Yellow – Curry cornbread with turmeric butter
  • Green – Herbed rice with yogurt, crispy spinach, mint, basil, and chili leaf
  • Blue – Rum cocktail with blueberry ice
  • Purple – Blueberry granita with sumac
  • Black – Coconut black rice pudding with caramelized black grape syrup and a dollop of black sesame pudding

No. 3 — Spring
  • Roots “buried in the garden” with viola blossoms and sprouts
  • Bird’s nest spicy noodles with soy egg
  • Chick emerging from an egg (coconut mochi bun with lemon curd and vanilla ice cream)