From 2017 to 2023, I worked at Bandcamp, an online marketplace for people who love independent music to equitably support the artists who make it. During my six and a half years there, I worked as Director of Design for Artists and Labels, Interim Head of Design, and Senior Designer. At Bandcamp, I found my voice as a confident, caring, effective leader and learned to bring my whole self to my work.

Leadership, user experience design, systems thinking
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Flower Press

In 2019, I formed Flower Press, an equitable publishing practice centering historically marginalized authors and practitioners. Flower Press began as a radical experiment, taking as its premise the supposition that given the opportunity, artists and publishers can exist in a mutually sustaining and beneficial relationship. This is evidenced by the press’ provision of no-cost services, equitable cost and profit-sharing practices, and championing of emerging artists.

Publishing, visual design, brand

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Google Play

I led user experience design for significant efforts with broad impact in the Play Store and often across the Play ecosystem. These efforts included a full-scale redesign of the Play Store, a family-focused Play Store experience, an optimized experience for users with low data access, and design for users with physical or cognitive Accessibility needs, art direction for several global marketing campaigns, and rigorous primary design research.

User experience design, Accessibility, research
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Homeboat is a design collective focused on creative community engagement, radical architecture, ethical design, and really good times. With friendship first and play as practice, we take on projects that promote inclusivity across geographies, socioeconomic status, and cultural backgrounds. Homeboat is dedicated to the power of diligent civic practice and neighbor-to-neighbor outreach.

Research, community engagement, event programming

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Food is a critical component of my personal practice. Over the years, I have programmed many pop-ups, one-off dinners, run grassroots organizations, community resource centers, and guerilla lunch projects all focused around breaking bread with friends and strangers. 

Social practice, food, community

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Take a sneak peek at some other case studies encompassing the wild and wonderful breadth of my work. Think giant bubbles, brands, pedagogical conferences, infographics, annual reports, kite festivals, pop-ups, parks, food, murals, grandmothers, solar engineering, community centers, ceramics, coffee, Cannes.
Visiting chef, SPACE SPACE SPACE Conference
Illustration & design, U.S. Secretary of State
Brand & mural design, Epicenter
Annual Report, Design for All
Chef, Golem: A foraged dinner and music event
Brand, DesignBuildBLUFF: University of Utah
Chef, Room Project
Environmental activation design, Airbnb
Brand & organization, Detroit Kite Festival
Director, Other Than
Founder & chef, Victory Kitchen
Brand, Bandhu Gardens
Research, The Barefoot College
Everybody’s Inside, solo exhibition

I’m available for work! I’m open to fulltime, freelance, project-based, and contract roles, teaching, facilitation, research, and more. Want to make something together? Drop me a line.

Deep Strengths

Design direction
User experience design
Product design
Service design
Environmental design
Creative direction
Print & collateral design
Systems thinking

Creative & technical writing
Social practice
Community engagement
Consensus building

Areas of Interest

Climate resilience
Equitable technology
Mental health
Elder care
Public policy
Affordable housing
Arts & culture
Food justice
Early childhood development
Nightlife studies

Selected Experience

Flower Press
2019 - present

Design Director
2021 - 2023
Interim Head of Design
2020 - 2021
Senior Designer
2017 - 2020

User Experience Designer
2014 - 2016

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