I’m a designer, social practice artist, and writer with deep roots in California and Michigan. I believe in people, and I like to dance. Currently, I am working with Inzovu to build a lending platform for a cooperative of farmers across the Great Plains and the Midwest.

Previously, I was Director of Design for Artists & Labels at Bandcamp, where I spent six and a half years building a place for people who love independent music to directly support the people who make it.

I run Flower Press, an equitable publishing practice centering historically marginalized artists, authors, and practitioners. We publish books, zines, dreams, resources, newspapers, magic, research, and more.

Lately, I’ve been learning about sea urchin harvest, bottling natural wine, writing about grief and friendship, and opening myself up to new opportunities in spaces like climate resilience, education, music, arts & culture, tech equity, mental health, community wellness, and affordable housing.

In 2023, I helped guide brilliant teams at Bandcamp as they launched Listening Parties and Playlists, Flower Press published stunning new work, I completed a residency at Salmon Creek Farm, I taught myself to play piano (slowly, gingerly) in a Covid-induced haze, I made and released my first solo tunes, I wrote a joke book about birds, I drew so many hearts. I also learned a lot about grief, about the importance of good friendship, about myself. I rode my bicycle through France, I drove across the country, I went to a rodeo on the fourth of July, I saw fireworks and watched them fizzle out. I wrote poems, songs, reflections, investigated new paths.

In 2022, I collaborated with Cyrah Dardas to present Accessing Queer Sanctuary through Printed Media & Digital Realms at the Allied Media Conference. Flower Press published several ambitious works, including Care Manual by Kamra Hakim. We participated in the Brooklyn and Detroit Art Book Fairs, as well as several pop-ups. I also spent a month in Paris eating, resting, walking, looking, and gleaning inspiration from community infrastructure and independent bookstores.

In 2021, I learned to throw pots, mugs, bowls, and more at Ceramics School. Flower Press published nine new titles and participated in three art book fairs and numerous pop-up events. I also fell head over heels with roller skating (and, incidentally, fell head over heels a lot).

In 2020, I focused on supporting my neighbors, friends, and community. My team and I released Bandcamp Live. Flower Press grew, publishing media for liberation and joy, ranging from poetry to plants. You can read more here. Before the pandemic, I participated in the first inaugural Sou’wester Arts Week, a convening of 30 artists completing week-long residencies on the grounds of the historic Sou’wester Lodge.

In 2019, I started Flower Press. We debuted work at the Detroit Art Book Fair and the Chicago Art Book Fair and organized a small holiday fair for Ochre Bakery. At the beginning of the year, I worked with Blue Sky Center, Corbin LaMont, and two stellar local women to pilot a taco truck in New Cuyama, California. As winter turned to spring, my collective Homeboat and I did some renovation and community programming at the Yes! House in Granite Falls, Minnesota. Over the summer, Homeboat hosted Beach Blanket Babylon, a three-day summit on peripheral practice in Green River, Utah. Later, Christine Hucal and I put on Golem, a multi-sensory dinner of wild and foraged delights in a garden. In the fall, I participated in Ellipsis Open School, a community-based pedagogical residency situated in the Algarve.

In 2018, I got to know people and places with Homeboat in Southwest Minnesota, hosted The Changing Times in a one month residency which culminated in a newspaper issue about Detroit, completed a residency at The Sanctuary in Arcata, California, made dinner for thirty writers in a garden for Room Project, and cooked for fifty designers, researchers, organizers, and artists in a very large bubble at SPACE SPACE SPACE.

In 2017, I was a co-conspirator in Peace Meal Kitchen, a co-organizer of the Detroit Kite Festival, a co-founder of the Detroit Pop-up Alliance, and a collaborator with The Work Department.

In 2016, I completed Field Work, a research road trip focused on exploring community food systems and alternative community infrastructure across our great big nation. Along the way, I fell in love with Detroit and moved there.

Before that, I was a UX designer at Google making entertainment apps more useful, beautiful, and accessible to listen to, read, watch, and play for a billion people.

Meanwhile, I started Victory Kitchen, a community resource center focused on shared meal experiences, personal growth through creative expression, and direct community service.

Previously, I worked with nonprofits, NGOs, local businesses, educational institutions, arts organizations, cities, corporations, and bright individuals at Tomorrow Partners.

Before, after, and in between, I’ve done other things with design, food, friends, community, classrooms, and more.

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